Mission Statement

Until He Returns Prophetic Bible Ministries exists to provide instruction in biblical prophecy to our local communities. This is in a response to the lack of eschatological teaching in most churches. Almost thirty percent of the Bible was prophecy when written. It is our belief that the full word of God should be taught. Consequently, this ministry will endeavor to:

  1. Find and recruit qualified prophecy teachers to instruct our classes.
  2. Provide in-depth teaching that will interpret God’s word from a historical, grammatical and literal [plain/normal sense] approach. This results in a futurist, pre-tribulational and premillennial interpretation of prophecy.
  3. Maintain a website that will supplement the teaching ministry. On the website will be audio files of the teaching in the classes and additional resources for students of God’s word.
  4. Propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ and inform people of his imminent and physical return.
  5. Provide a radio ministry as funds will allow. This will be a secondary ministry to providing classes in local communities. The radio ministry will support the class ministry by promoting the local classes in its radio programs.

The philosophy of the UHR ministry will be:

  1. To glorify God in everything it does.
  2. To operate with excellence, integrity and honesty.
  3. To stay within budget with the monies provided by donations.
  4. To use every opportunity to reach others for Jesus Christ
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