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Dear Friends in Christ,


This Prophecy Chat is for those who believe in being prepared both spiritually and physically for the increase in frequency and intensity of the signs of the times.  If you follow Prophecy Chat, my affinity for “prepping” is already apparent, even though I am firmly in the pre-trib Rapture camp in my prophecy viewpoint.  But pre-tribbers are not sitting around on the porch waiting for the Rapture, oblivious to what is taking place in our nation and the world.  Note that this chat is about physical preparation; our spiritual life and purpose is of course primary.


The preparation under discussion is BEFORE the Tribulation.  There is no sure way to be prepared for the Tribulation itself except to receive Christ as Lord and Savior and avoid it entirely in the Rapture.  Even those expensive underground bomb shelters in Missouri and high-end missile silo condominiums out west will not protect the lost during the Tribulation Seal Judgments [Rev. 6:15-17], not to mention the Trumpets and Bowls.  But the signs of the times in Matthew 24:4-8 are for those waiting for the Rapture and they begin BEFORE the Tribulation.

We would be blind not to prepare for social unrest, natural disasters, earthquakes, famine, and increasing wars because we have been warned they are inevitable!  Even so, our times are nothing compared to what will happen in the Tribulation when half of the world’s population will be destroyed.  Even so we have witnessed large numbers of people displaced or killed and immense acres of property destroyed in the present day–before the designated wrath of God is unleashed.


Politics and social unrest aside for the moment, Travelers Insurance reported that there were sixteen separate billion dollar natural disaster events in the US totaling over three hundred billion dollars in 2017.  With the West Coast wild fires, Alaska earthquakes, Hawaii volcanic eruption, and East Coast storms and blizzards, the odds of 2018 exceeding that amount are high.


There is the option of living as if nothing will ever change, in blissful ignorance, of course.  Denial is pandemic. Those who understand the tenor of their times are commended in the Bible, not those who choose to be willfully blind.  Although the Lord can deliver us from destruction, are we to presume upon Him?  If so, quit paying all that money for insurance and health care.  We are to live by faith but a quick read of Ecclesiastes and Proverbs affirm our responsibility to work for the provision of our family and make wise decisions in the temporal world—while living in faith.


The Bible is imminently practical.  Let’s talk practical.  The stuff in my adult children’s stockings this year will reflect mom’s view that it is wise to be prepared [Daniel 12:10].  For example, Mylar blankets are under $3 at Walmart—such a deal.  Emergency flashlights, first aid kits, energy bars, beef jerky snacks and Life Straw water filters are also good emergency supplies. Having an emergency bag in the car at all times in case evacuation is necessary or you are stranded in your car is just practical.  Each person’s needs are different, but are your important papers in one place so that they can be grabbed quickly?  How about medications?  Contacts and numbers should be kept in hard copy other than your phone in case your phone loses power.  My Pinterest board “The Frugal Cottage Lifestyle” is full of prepping suggestions for inexpensive emergency heaters and alternative methods of cooking and purifying water if our utilities fail.  FEMA and Homeland Security advise citizens to know what to do if the power grid is taken down in a storm or an EMP [Electro Magnetic Pulse] attack.  We are told not to rely on the government to take care of us in the case of national emergency; we are to be our own first responders.




The draining of the swamp by the Trump administration has brought the conflict between liberal and conservative, nationalist and globalist to a head.  If President Trump is successful in a national reset, he may have to authorize MARTIAL LAW if the thousands of indictments assembled by the Trump legal team are served.  The Deep State will not give up without a fight.  President Trump is attempting to inform his conservative base about the unrest that may come.  In order to bypass the main-street media, he communicates through social media. If martial law is necessary, it is NOT a military take-over of the government.  President Trump is the commander in chief and he already commands the military and is the elected leader of our country.  The use of martial law will be to contain riots and organized pushback and TAKE BACK the control of the nation from the Deep State.


This same struggle between the globalists and nationalists is taking place in Britain and France.  The US as the last super power is being watched carefully to see if Trump is able to reset the country to a democratic republic, wresting control from the military/industrial globalist corrupt cabal.  In Britain and France the rioters are chanting “We want Trump.  We want Trump.”  We have Trump and I believe he can be trusted to lead patriots.  Biblically, the Lord established a system of nation states, not global empires.  When empires form, emperors take control.  Great power corrupts powerfully in a sinful world, but nation states create their own checks and balance structure.  Note that whatever President Trump is able to do, the US will eventually be weakened to the point where we are not a major player in prophecy.  I pray that is because the Rapture removes the believers from the earth, taking the moral and responsible citizens away.


Civilians will be alerted to the President’s decision to authorize martial law through the Emergency Alert System on most phones.  He tested it in October of this year.  If an alert comes through about martial law, take it seriously.  Experts suggest we have enough supplies to stay at home and off the streets for at least a few days until opposition is contained.  The internet and/or social media may also go down for a few days.  This is to be expected as MSM tries to prevent the civilian population from knowing what is going on in order to promote unrest and fear of the administration.  I believe President Trump is at least a temporary mercy to our country in order to punish the Baal/Satan worshippers, convict the child sex traffickers and pedophiles, and open the eyes of many before the Rapture.  I have mentioned Biblical precedent of similar political situations in recent chats.  God is very present in politics.   He warns before judgment, and the Rapture is a judgment because the lost are left behind.


We are living in exciting times, but be prepared spiritually and physically, Luke 21:28.  Believers have the ability to live in the world and yet not be of the world—to enjoy the celebration of our Lord’s birth and yet know that His return will be quite different.  His return will be in fire and wrath and glory.  Even so, Come Lord Jesus.


In Him We Wait, Work and Watch,

Sharon L. Clemens








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