1. Stella Vigil

    February 12, 2017

    I am so blessed to have discovered your program on KKIM (1000 am) in Albuquerque, NM this afternoon. I pray that you’ll receive responses/support for your timely and needed radio program here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. IF you do not, I want you to know that here is a high level of poverty and crime that is occurring here in Albuquerque at this time. Albuquerque is number one in auto theft in the nation and that statistic can be confirmed if you’ll please look that up on-line. My mother’s car was stolen a few months ago but it was recovered, praise God! We are both born again believers and we know the Lord is protecting us each day but we are being attacked by the enemy, big time. Satan knows his time is short so he’s ramped up attacking us believers.
    Albuquerque has the only abortion clinic in the nation that performs abortion at any time in a pregnancy, all the way up to date of a baby’s expected date of birth here on earth. That is murder, the killing of a baby who could have survived just fine if not for the evil moves of the abortionists (murderers) that operate here! Also of course because of the selfish pregnant women who are electing to do such a evil thing to their child to begin with. Women with late term pregnancies fly into Albuquerque to have the murder of their baby performed. Knowing that this is occurring here in my city sickens me and brings me to tears every time I think about this happening to these innocent babies. I take solace in knowing every one of these murdered babies are in Heaven with the Lord, and will receive a double portion blessing.
    There is a high level of poverty here also, unfortunately, but not every one is dirt poor here either. I’m telling you these sordid facts so that your ministry is aware of the state of this city so that you will not be disappointed if you should not receive a high level of response to your awesome radio program. I believe a couple of other ministries have left us here in Albuquerque on KKIM because of minimal response/support. I pray that your radio ministry will in fact receive a healthy level of response and support from Albuquerque residents.
    Albuquerque and New Mexico need prayer and both need the Lord’s presence and protection. I sometimes feel like the Lord does not have His hand upon us here but what can we expect if that is so, with all the crime and sin occurring daily, with all the gambling going on from the Indian casinos spread out across New Mexico, the number of residents dishonoring Him and not living for Him as believers, not lifting Him up in prayer and worship. My mom mentions that there is also the Native American population of New Mexico who worship their “gods”, not God of the Bible. Then there’s a high number of the population who are Catholic and that also is not good. We do have a Christian population in Albuquerque and New Mexico (thank God!) but it’s not as large as it should be so this city/state remains spiritually weak because of that. Not having a large regularly worshiping/praying to the Lord populace might also be contributing to the sordid situation.
    Your ministry is providing a message and Word that everybody desperately needs to hear, thank you for sharing with us here in Albuquerque!
    I pray that your awesome, anointed radio ministry will be with us on KKIM for a long time. We need ministries like yours to be present here, teaching/preaching the Word and the end time message as you are doing. You also need some financial support to operate also, that I do understand completely. I’m going to mail a small money order to your ministry next week, to help the radio ministry a little. I’m going to mail it to Until He Returns, P.O. Box 192, Morton, IL 61550. It will be for $10. I apologize that I cannot send more at this time but I can send this amount now.
    God Bless and keep the Until He Returns Ministry and welcome to Albuquerque, NM. You’re in my prayers that the Until He Returns ministry will receive great financial support and prayer from the radio listeners of Albuquerque/New Mexico, and for this ministries continued health and strength! We are blessed that you are here for us listeners with your anointed messages available on the radio and for download… Thank you!

    • untilhereturns author

      February 14, 2017


      It is not often that we receive letters like yours, but thank you so very much for taking the time to post your comment. We are not, at this time, a well-known ministry, but it is so very encouraging to us, when we receive letters like yours, that we are at least reaching some people! I cannot tell you how much it means to us to receive comments like yours! We feel so blessed that God has provided our ministry with such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher of Bible prophecy and His Word as Phil Cooper. Thank you again so much for listening in to our radio program and we pray that God will bless you and provide for you all that you need!

      Sincerely, and In Him,
      Until He Returns Prophetic Bible Ministries

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