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Prophecy Chat – Peeling the Onion of Iran

June 20, 2018
Dear Friends in Christ,
Things are not always as they seem, and even more so in an age of deception.  The onion must be carefully peeled in order to get to the heart of the matter.  Consider Iran–a nation that is without a doubt the most dangerous enemy of Israel.  It sponsors Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon.  The Israeli people and the Iranian people are not enemies, however.  A recent Tweet campaign by Iranians in support of Israel reveals that many of the Persian people actually support Israel and their right to exist. Tehran was a major business center with ties to Western business in the 1970’s before the Ayatollahs took over in the revolution of 1979.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly made overtures to the Iranian people to live with them in peace.
According to Israel Unwired, “It is the Muslim leadership of Iran that is an enemy of Israel.  That is why it is so beautiful to see this campaign. [The diversity of #WeStandwithIsrael Tweets by Iranians]  It actually shows that many Iranians simply reject their Muslim leadership’s views on Israel.  The Iranian people are not what the world thinks they are.  The Iranian people have a long history of openness and Western-mindedness.  The situation today can be changed.  This is truly eye-opening.” [Avi Abelow]
Abelow of Israel Unwired is hopeful that the hatred between the Muslim radical leadership of Iran and Israel can be swayed by the moderates among the people.  But can it?  The civil rebellion in Syria resulted in the loss of thousands of lives and the destruction of much of Syria’s infrastructure, but Bashar Assad is still in power.  Iran’s leadership is firmly entrenched in terrorism and anti-Semitism, fueled by the extremism of radical Islam.  Logic and the desire of the people have no influence when false religion holds a nation in bondage.  Antichrist will do the same when he comes to power–controlling the global world through a New Age religion that honors wealth and power…   
Prophecy also predicts that the nation of Iran, obviously through the decision of its leadership, will  attack Israel [Ezekiel 38 and 39].  This war could jump start the war of Armageddon or consist of a separate conflict even before the Tribulation begins.  Today, Hamas unleashed one of the most violent rocket attacks against civilian targets in southern Israel in four years.  Israel responded by attacking 25 Hamas targets in Gaza, including an underground terrorist training compound.  The Iron Dome missile defense system of Israel intercepted many of the 45 rockets and mortars, but some landed within Israeli communities and destroyed property. Fortunately, no lives were lost although the citizens of southern Israel had to flee to the safety of bomb shelters in the early hours of the day.
As students of Bible prophecy, what can we surmise from these events? 
  • Iran may attack sooner than later to take advantage of a two-pronged attack–by Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah on the Syrian border with Israel.  The Ezekiel War will take place.  When it does, it will radically change the face of Middle East politics because the enemies of Israel will be defeated by Jehovah God.  Then, a political “savior” will arise out of the Revived Roman nations to stand with Israel, promoting “peace.”  [Daniel 9:27] That false peace will last only 3 1/2 years.  This man will be Antichrist and he will influence a power shift away from the Islamic nations attempting to revive the Caliphate and toward a European model comprised of old Roman Empire territory.  Israel for a time will no longer be the forgotten child as they are fostered by this new leader. 
  • Another indication that the Ezekiel War may be on the horizon is the fact that God always has a remnant in every nation, people and tongue.  [Romans 11:5] There are reports that many are receiving Christ as Lord and Savior in Iran.  A moderate view of Israel could not be present in the populace if radical Islam was embraced universally.  Our Lord, in His mercy, calls out a people for His name–a remnant–before judgment.  Just as He took Lot out of Sodom before its destruction, He may be calling those elect to salvation among the Persian people in preparation for the future war with Israel in which Iran will be terribly defeated. 
Do not be surprised if the exchange of rocket fire in Israel and Gaza erupts into a full-scale war very soon. 
In Him We Wait, Work and Watch,
Sharon L. Clemens
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