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PROPHECY CHAT by Sharon Clemens – April 10, 2018


Perfect Storm Slams Israel … Pray!


Dear Friends in Christ,


We have been waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding Syria, Iran and Israel for some time. Could the May 14th 70th anniversary of Israel’s statehood be the tipping point? Gaza Palestinian leaders have called for demonstrations leading up to the May 14th date and several terrorists have been killed by IDF soldiers attempting to contain the demonstrations. As Israel seeks to quell unrest within its borders, chemical weapons are being used in Syria and may be turned against Israel next. Where did these chemical weapons come from? President George Bush authorized war with Iraq on the intelligence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When none were found after Iraq’s defeat, Bush was loudly criticized by his political opponents. However, it was reported by some outlets that Hussein shipped his weapons to Syria before his country fell. Now, the evidence of the existence of these weapons is surfacing. But be sure that few news agencies will report the truth.


We can only speculate how the United States will be involved in the coming End Times wars because the US is not specified in prophecy–Israel is the key. As a global power, we can only pray that the US will be firmly aligned with Israel because Israel is protected by God and will stand against all odds. The enemies of Israel will be destroyed. This truth is as sure as scripture:


  • Damascus/Syria will have its final annihilation in the end times [Is. 17; Jer. 49:24-27]
  • Russia and Iran and their allies such as Turkey will band together in an invasion of Israel [Ez. 38–39] that will diminish their global threat and destroy their forces on the mountains of Israel.
  • A Middle Eastern Islamic invasion of Israel [Psalm 83] will possibly numb the threat of an Islamic Caliphate, paving the way for the real enemy–Antichrist.

We are living in exciting times! Even so, Come Lord Jesus.


In Him we wait, work and watch,
Sharon L.Clemens